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A leading coaching academy for Sainik, Military Schools and RIMC. Which inspire students to have a better personality in society.
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Sainik School Coaching

Get The Best Sainik School Coaching From Us Today. Get Your Admission In Sainik Schools With our Teaching And Mentorship.

RIMC Coaching

We Are A Top Rated RIMC Coaching Institute In Delhi NCR. Upto 100% Placement in RIMC School.

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Get The Best Military School Training In Faridabad. Best Institute In Delhi NCR For Military School Coaching


No 1 Institute In NCR

Vikramaditya Academy is the most extensive Defence Career Coaching Academy, situated in Faridabad (Haryana). The honor of the academy is reflected in its passion, pride, and potential to the “Service of the Nation”.

RIMC Coaching Centre

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Vikramaditya Academy

The teachers at Vikramaditya Academy are caters of knowledge and learning. They always focus to enhance the understanding of the students, so that boys can have conceptual clarity regarding the subjects generally and topics specifically.

Academic integrity

honesty, fairness, and adherence to ethical principles.

Growth result

We belive and offer 360 degree growth to every student.

Highly qualified faculty

Our staff and facility is highly qualified and holds years of experience.

100% Safe infrastructure

Speprate hostel facility for girls and boys with supervision of trained experts.

Experienced Staff

Vikramaditya Academy has the most exper staff among all. All our Faculty hold more than 10+ years experience.

Our teachers are the virtue of the academy and guider of the students. They dedicate all their attention to supervise the students the best way possible and play a role as a trainer to the boys while teaching them the essence of being a student, the courage to be a soldier, and the character of a good person throughout the life.

Experienced faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. They have a deep understanding of the subject matter and are well-versed in the curriculum and exam patterns. Their expertise allows them to provide comprehensive and accurate guidance to students, helping them grasp complex concepts and excel in their studies.

Institute For Sainik School
Sainik School Coaching In Ghaziabad
Happy students

A leading coaching academy for Sainik, Military Schools and RIMC. Which inspire students to have a better personality in society.

Successfully selecting in various defense schools brings a sense of accomplishment to students, filling them with happiness and pride for their hard work and dedication.

Hostel and dayboarding

Safe and Secure Hostel and Dayboarding Facility with Hygenic Mess Food.

Hostels and daycare boarding facilities often have students from various regions of country. This diversity provides an opportunity for cultural exchange and exposure, broadening students’ horizons and promoting tolerance, understanding, and appreciation for different cultures and perspectives.

Living in a hostel or daycare boarding setting allows students to interact and build friendships with their peers from diverse backgrounds. This social interaction fosters a sense of community, friendship, and peer support, creating a conducive environment for personal growth and development.

Sainik School Coaching Center In Mathura

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Established Years

Frequently Asked Questions

At our coaching center, we pride ourselves on a unique blend of experienced faculty, personalized attention, and a comprehensive curriculum specifically designed for Sainik School, Military School, and RIMC entrance exams.

Our team comprises seasoned educators, retired military personnel, and subject matter experts. Each instructor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide students effectively through the intricacies of the entrance exams.

Our coaching methodology revolves around a student-centric approach. We focus on interactive learning, regular assessments, and real-time feedback.

Yes, we offer meticulously curated study materials that cover the entire syllabus of Sainik School, Military School, and RIMC entrance exams. Our materials are regularly updated to align with any changes in the examination pattern.

We believe in maintaining an optimal student-teacher ratio to ensure personalized attention. Our classes are designed to facilitate effective interaction, allowing students to clarify doubts and receive individualized guidance.

Regular assessments, mock tests, and performance reviews are integral to our coaching program. We provide detailed feedback to both students and parents, highlighting areas of improvement and success.


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Plot No.11, Wazirpur Road, Opp. Amrita Hospital, Palwali Sector-88, Greater Faridabad, Haryana 121002

For Any Inquiry

    We Present— Sainik School Coaching Center In Mathura & RIMC Coaching In Mathura

    Vikramaditya Academy is our top-tier Mathura sainik school and a prestigious academy for pursuing defense, RIMC, sainik school courses. All educators and candidates preparing for competitive examinations of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and Armed Forces are the focus of our sainik school coaching center in Mathura. Our academy also provides the best learning resources such as e-books, online courses, and smart learning. We employ state-of-the-art research instruments and methodologies. Our trainer is an expert and devoted person who ensures the success of each and every student. Our counselors can suggest more appropriate career options to students because they are aware of each student’s strengths and weaknesses before they enroll at the academy. 

    Our Mathura RIMC coaching program has established a strong reputation as a respectable educational establishment by shaping students into morally upright adults and preparing them for life beyond graduation. Students at our school receive an education that is inclusive. Our academy team is committed to helping your child succeed in getting into prestigious schools like Sainik, Military School, and R.I.M.C. if you invest time and unwavering faith in us. God bless each of us and give us the bravery to reach our high goals. Best Sainik School Coaching In Agra Call Now.

    Giving methodical and practice-based classroom coaching to students in classes VIII, IX, and X who aspired to do well on the HSC exam and other competitive exams was the institute’s original mission. Encouraged by the response from students in the previous two years, advanced course classes (IIT-JEE/NEET) were also started with the help of highly experienced lecturers in order to better meet the needs of students and enhance the well-researched study materials provided by Vikramaditya Academy. Our highly qualified advisors and instructors can help students easily be selected into one of the top schools in the country. 

    If you want to become a defense officer, our Sainik School Center is your best place. All-around development is important for defense officers, and these schools provide it. I want to tell you about the Vikramaditya Academy today, which is a renowned sainik school coaching in Mathura. We offer thorough preparation for the Indian Defense Force written exam coaching with a hostel facility. At the academy, you get in-depth training on how to ace your exam. We are especially well-known for our entrance exam coaching. From test and interview preparation to the right coaching, it helps you to achieve your goals with courage and pride and to set the right path for your child’s future.

    Our primary objectives at our Sainik school coaching center are the development of self-reliance, physical and mental strength, emotional preparedness, and mental fitness. We hold students to the highest moral and discipline standards in order to ensure their success.

    Don’t think twice about it! Visit the Best Institute for Sainik School in Mathura or register online for more information.

    Come experience the difference by visiting our academy or registering online right now to join the Best Sainik School Coaching Center in Mathura. Get Institute For Sainik School In Faridabad Call Now.

    Why Opt For Our Military School Coaching in Mathura?

    • At our institute, we have highly skilled and certified faculty members under the direction of Defense officers.
    • Every student at our school receives individualized attention and receives instruction in every subject in the most effective manner possible.
    • To help with exam preparation, we also offer a plethora of study materials and practice on past session papers.
    • Because the tuition at this academy is reasonable, any student can sign up for lessons.
    • We have scheduled additional special sessions with knowledgeable trainers. 
    • Daily schedule, physical training, discipline, and hostel amenities.
    • Get Sainik School Coaching Center In Noida Book Now Today

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