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Our Facilities

We provide the most suitable environment for the students to study without worries. Our facilities are always all time high, and equipped with the best of its kind. Vikramaditya Academy not only includes the atmosphere prior to the learning of students but also contains the environment suitable for their overall growth.

The academy provides 100% infrastructure including; top class facilities, High Quality Hostel Facilities, separate beds, and laundry services etc. This is to encourage our students to study well and enhance their living and studying standards. Motivational classes at Vikramaditya Academy make boys mentally, socially, spiritually, and emotionally strong.

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Our facilities include

  • Academic integrity
  • Highly qualified faculty
  • Entertainment facility
  • 100% infrastructure
  • Hostel facility
  • Spacious accommodation
  • Hygienic food
  • Motivational classes
  • Sports organization
  • Growing result
  • Laundry services
  • Stationary facilities

What they say

Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

“I always wanted to be part of the Indian Defence to do something for my country, in fact my parents were also very about the same. Vikramaditya Academy has given me the opportunity to make my dream come true. All of the teachers and staff members are highly experienced and very supportive. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart”

Rohit Kumar Student
Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

“My son was got aspired by knowing about the ‘Defence Services’ and the way they work. He just wanted to wear the uniform of army and had medals upon them. Vikramaditya Academy have given him such disciplinary training that, I think no other coaching institution can ever provide.”

Dr. Anil Parent
Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

Academy. I would never forget the teachers who have taught me. They have not just taught me but actually have grown up me. I see myself as an officer since the very first day in joined the academy”.

Sumit Rawat Student