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Procedure of admission to Vikramaditya Academy

Vikramaditya Academy Procedure

The process to the admission in vikramaditya academy has been very specific for the students who wish to enroll in the academy. At the very first, we match all the eligibility criteria required to get in Sainik Schools, etc. you can check eligibility criteria on our coaching pages. Once we are cleared with the eligibility criteria of the students we proceed further. We understand the particular capacity of each student, therefor we take a mandatory test of each student before we intake them. This is done merely to check learning capacities and conceptual clarities of the students, and to understand that whether the Defence career is suitable for the student or not.

Thereafter, we consider the students for a counseling session by our teachers. This also allows our teachers to understand the thought process of the students and their caliber to work upon the subjects

All the process is all done in front of the parents and we explain parents everything regarding the same in a detailed manner.

There are only 50 seats available for intake, so do hurry...

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What they say

Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

“I always wanted to be part of the Indian Defence to do something for my country, in fact my parents were also very about the same. Vikramaditya Academy has given me the opportunity to make my dream come true. All of the teachers and staff members are highly experienced and very supportive. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart”

Rohit Kumar Student
Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

“My son was got aspired by knowing about the ‘Defence Services’ and the way they work. He just wanted to wear the uniform of army and had medals upon them. Vikramaditya Academy have given him such disciplinary training that, I think no other coaching institution can ever provide.”

Dr. Anil Parent
Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

Academy. I would never forget the teachers who have taught me. They have not just taught me but actually have grown up me. I see myself as an officer since the very first day in joined the academy”.

Sumit Rawat Student
Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

“I have two sons in my family. The elder one has always been so week in studies from the very early age. This academy has taught him as such that I could never imagine he cleared the entrance of sainik school in his first attempt. And you know what his brother is now planning to go for the same and compete him….the academy has actually given my son a boost. ”

Vivek Sharam Parent