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Vikramaditya Academy Teachers

Scholar Naresh Sharma


Mr. Naresh Sharma is another name for success in Vikramaditya Academy. He is a Ph.D. Scholar at Manav Rachna International University and pursuing his Ph.D. in mathematics from there only.

His area of expertise is ‘Mathematics’. He has covered a vast subject area of mathematics and has taught his students marvelously. With an intense command upon his subject, he has delivered some of the great intakes to the Sainik Schools, RMS, and RIMC. In response to his teaching skills, 9 out of 10 students have always been cleared in mathematics.

With most extensive experiences, he has produced the finest results in his field and has always been an inspiration to his students.

Ph.D. Scholar, Mr. Naresh Sharma
(Persuing Ph.D. From Manav Rachna International University)

Area of expertise: Mathematics

Work Experience: 2 years

Success rate: 9 out of 10 students have always been cleared in Mathematics

Vikramaditya Academy Pramod Sharma Teacher

Mr. Pramod Sharma


Sir, Mr. Pramod Sharma is a senior teacher of Vikramaditya academy with a dynamic academic record and prolonged experiences in teaching for more than two decades. His contributions in teaching, guiding, and enlarging motivational characters to the students have been conspicuously viable to the academy.

Sir, Mr. Pramod Sharma has always been eager to bring the highest learning skills and intensive analytical understandings within the students.

Mr. Pramod has produced over 150, and above candidates to the Indian army, Sainik Schools, Rashtriya Military College, and RIMC. Hence, with a very high success rate, he is understood to be an ‘Achiever’.

Mr. Pramod Sharma
(the most experienced teacher of Vikramaditya Academy)

Area of expertise: English Grammar

Work Experience: 22 years

Success rate: Over 150 and above students’ selections in the Indian Army

About Us

About us

Vikramaditya Academy is the most extensive Defence Career Coaching Academy, situated in Faridabad (Haryana). The honor of the academy is reflected in its passion, pride, and potential to the “Service of the Nation”. The academy provides with an intense preparation to the children, dreaming to get into Defence Services and obtain a promising position to serve the nation.

The academy believes in academic integrity with its motto ‘Sheelam Param Bhushanam’ that enhances the abilities and enlarges the potentialities of ‘Officers Like Qualities’ among our students, from a very early age. It has been working as a leading feeder coaching institution, providing academic support and preparing its students to get through highly competitive exams for the admission into Sainik Schools, Rashtriya Military Schools, and Rashtriya Indian Military College.

Vikramaditya Academy has been a milestone in Teaching and guidance to its students. Our methodology & strategies of teaching and enlarging motivation among students have essentially been unique and of its own kind with 100% result.


Why Choose us

We believe in academic integrity, mainstream curriculum, modern teaching, developing motivational character, and an overall development of a student.


Our Mission

We are passionate to create a future career lived worthwhile, by embedding exceptional qualities among our students.


Our Visions

Our vision is to empower students to build stronger abilities so that our students get prepared and become confident to face any academic challenge ahead in the future.







Our Teachers

The teachers at Vikramaditya Academy are caters of knowledge and learning. They always focus to enhance the understanding of the students, so that boys can have conceptual clarity regarding the subjects generally and topics specifically.

Our teachers are the virtue of the academy and guider of the students. They dedicate all their attention to supervise the students the best way possible and play a role as a trainer to the boys while teaching them the essence of being a student, the courage to be a soldier, and the character of a good person throughout the life.

Career with us

What they say

Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

“I always wanted to be part of the Indian Defence to do something for my country, in fact my parents were also very about the same. Vikramaditya Academy has given me the opportunity to make my dream come true. All of the teachers and staff members are highly experienced and very supportive. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart”

Rohit Kumar Student
Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

“My son was got aspired by knowing about the ‘Defence Services’ and the way they work. He just wanted to wear the uniform of army and had medals upon them. Vikramaditya Academy have given him such disciplinary training that, I think no other coaching institution can ever provide.”

Dr. Anil Parent
Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

Academy. I would never forget the teachers who have taught me. They have not just taught me but actually have grown up me. I see myself as an officer since the very first day in joined the academy”.

Sumit Rawat Student
Vikramaditya Academy Testimonial

“I have two sons in my family. The elder one has always been so week in studies from the very early age. This academy has taught him as such that I could never imagine he cleared the entrance of sainik school in his first attempt. And you know what his brother is now planning to go for the same and compete him….the academy has actually given my son a boost. ”

Vivek Sharam Parent